Croydon society: a place for everyone

croydon society

Sometimes it feels that all we are doing in our lives is trying to find a place where we fit it. If you feel the same way, we want to ask whether you have considered Croydon?

We are not saying Croydon IS the place. We are not claiming that the town is perfect but it does have the potential to be a place for everyone.

How you can feel at home

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The reason why we say it might be a place for everyone is not that you gather in one big hall and celebrate anything you want to celebrate – god, devil, meat, veganism, cricket or ballet.

No, no. You still ought to search for your tribe, but all we are saying that in Croydon the chances of you finding ‘your people’ are much larger than almost anywhere else.

From the lifestyle perspective, Croydon offers equal opportunities to the amateur movie critic, 20-something hardcore clubber as well as a family of 4. Which you can’t say often about a place.

But for Croydon it seems as if it was inevitable. It is very likely that it happened because the place has always been a traveler’s hub. Naturally, nearby London by itself offers a great influx on all kinds of people but it is also a waypoint for passersby, travelling to the European mainland.

A community for everyone

croydon society

Due to all of this travelling and some people settling in, Croydon grew large in various communities from profession-specific to based on passion, sexual orientation, etc.

Like we said, if you spend the time to search for your tribe, you will most likely find one in Croydon. For example, if you are into stars, Croydon Astronomical society is a perfect fit for you.

Or maybe you are more of an arts  kind of a guy or gal? No? Maybe natural history is your thing?

We could post here a massive list of all the different communities you can come across in Croydon but where’s the fun in that? It’s your life, your adventure, isn’t it?

And here’s the most important part about Croydon. Yes, it has a rainbow of communities, various museums and natural parks, tourists attractions, etc. but it also does a great job of welcoming anyone new. Even if you are new to Croydon and don’t have many friends or ‘a tribe’, you will meet dozens and hundreds of people who will always welcome you in.